Ward 5

headshot Ryan.PNGName: Ryan Muszak

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am currently a high school student attending Mother Theresa Catholic Secondary School here in London. There, I am a high achieving student who is actively involved in extra-curricular school activities such as Football and Baseball. I have a fascination for politics and a passion for the various issues facing our local and global community. I would consider myself a fiscally conservative and socially liberal individual who is always willing to learn and willing to open my mind to different perspectives. Some of my hobbies are playing and watching all sports (especially football), computer programming, and of course, politics. Overall, I am a hard worker with a great support system of family and friends who is willing to do what it takes for my community to prosper.

Why do you want to be a Youth Councillor?

I would like to become a youth councillor because I believe it is important that young voices are heard in the realm of politics. I believe that I posses the necessary social and intellectual skills to make an impact in our community. I feel it is my civic duty to be involved in politics and the best way to do that at my age is to run for youth council. Being a student in high school in the 21st century, I believe that some politicians are out of touch with societal advancements as it concerns to our youth. I believe government should be fiscally responsible and that’s the mentality I would like to bring to the council

Identify three community issues you find important:

1) Youth employment & Entrepreneurship: I believe every teenager in my ward and in this city should be given the ultimate incentive to want to work and become successful. I believe in programs that will encourage youth to go out and find a job.

2) Public transportation: In my community and my ward, I have seen first hand how London’s public transportation frustrates constituents. I believe our bus system should be ran more efficiently and other measures should be put in to facilitate our transportation.

3) Illegal Drugs: The third issue i consider to be very important and which has a direct effect on my ward is the presence of illegal substances within our youth communities. Although I believe in more lax laws when it comes to the legality of certain drugs, I still believe these substances have no place in our youth community and more steps should be taken to rid them of our schools.

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FullSizeRender.jpgName: Lujane Al-Azem

Tell us a bit about yourself: 

I am a very dedicated and motivated person. I attend the school A.B. Lucas, and am in my final year of high school. I am on the exec for Model United Nations and the Muslim Student Association. I am currently the chair of my Relay for Life and nothing makes me happier than knowing that I am part of something beautiful and helpful.



Why do you want to be a Youth Councillor?

I want to be a youth councillor because I think it is very important for the young people in the community to be just as involved in whats going on in the city of London. A couple of weeks ago, I helped a PC candidate run for his nomination in London North Centre and was upset that most of the turn out was comprised of people over the age of 40. It is so important to motivate young people to fight for the best London and to not stand back and watch others make choices for them.

Identify three community issues you find important:

1) Bullying: The first community issue that I consider important is the issue of bullying within schools. Although most people seem to think that bullying has died down in recent years, I think it is just the opposite. I think in this new age, teens are using new ways to put others down, in ways that admin and other students don’t even see. I think it is important to continue to tackle the issue of bullying because we need to build up the youth in our community, in order for them to feel like they are capable of change.

2) Sexual Assault Cases: The second issue that I find important is the sexual assault cases that have come to the attention of the entire city after alleged lack of professionalism. I think that this issue is important because these cases don’t just reflect specific people, they represent London as a whole. Are we a safe city? Is this a place that parents want their kids to go to for university? Do young girls feel protected and safe in London? I think that is crucial that every individual within London feels respected and cared for at all times.

3) Poverty: The last issue that I have been seeing occur more frequently in my area, is the increased rate of impoverished individuals asking for money. I think it is so upsetting that there are so many people who don’t have money and I think it is super important that we understand why and try to help who we can with what he have.

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