Ward 2

emmanuel.jpgName: Emmanuel Akindele

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am a 16-year-old student at Mother Teresa I have been very active in politics through my life becoming a Conservative party member (Federal and Provincial) when I was 14. I also had the absolute honor to volunteer on Hon. Ed Holder 2015 campaign and help with his events with Hon. Jason Kenney and Rt. Hon Stephen Harper. I am currently trying to help as much as possible at the provincial level for the next election cycle in 2018. I am an athlete playing on solo and team sports, I know how to work in a group to achieve a shared goal, as well as I can work individual. I also acted for CCTV2 in China for a reality show We are young, in which I had to the chance to meet with business leaders, learned Chinese history and toured the country. That being said I have a wide range of experiences that I believe will help me serve if elected.

Why do you want to be a Youth Councillor?

I think we need someone on the Council that has the focus of getting our youth to work and give entrepreneurs and innovators the necessary resources that will change the future for the better. The reason this is so important is that I have personally brought people to be involved in not just in the conservative party but also all parties. In addition, I have engaged youth to make sure there voices are heard. I have had the honor and opportunity to voice out my opinions to Federal and Provincial Ministers and the Prime Minister of Canada. It is an opportunity I will strive to make sure all my constituents have.

Identify three community issues you find important:

The three Community Issues that I consider important are JOBS, JOBS and JOBS; if youth do not have the mandatory skills to excel in the workforce all other issues become irrelevant. Many of our youth have gave up on looking for jobs. I intend to increase the workforce participation by making it easier for youth to become entrepreneurs. Also promoting a more Job Friendly environment for businesses in the City of London and in my ward. Finally, by giving our youth much needed skills training to make them more appealing to business for hiring.

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