Ward 13

IMG_0831.JPGName: Mustfah Madlol

Tell us a bit about yourself:

My name is Mustfah Madlol and I am a grade 10 student attending Oakridge Secondary School. Since I immigrated to Canada when I was younger, I had to go through the pain of fitting into in a new culture. So I understand how hard the process really is. That’s why I’m very passionate about volunteer at places like the CCLC. Since there’s a influx of immigrants right now I try to help out as much as I can so that I could ease that process a little bit at least. I am also very passionate about sports. I play on the volleyball, basketball, and track teams with my school as well volleyball club. Sports are a big part of my life because it provides me with a stress reliever and is also a great source of joy for me. I am also very enthusiastic about school and hope to peruse a career in the medical field. I really like helping people and take pride to all the hours I have spent volunteering within the community. I believe that being a voice for my community through the LYAC I could be able to do more and that is all that I really want..

Why do you want to be a Youth Councillor?

I want to be a councillor because I think its important that we all take leadership roles in our community because that’s the only way to do something great. If we all just sat around and waited for somebody to take the lead then we would never accomplish anything. A community isn’t just a place, it’s the way you interact and live with people, so if everyone was able to take a leadership role, at least once, than they would see one more thing that like about the community. I want to be able to help people pass their messages and to become their voice and becoming a youth councillor can help get those important points and thoughts across.

Identify three community issues you find important:

I have been honored to be part of the Culture For Learning and Healthy Youth Relations Program that was created by the Red Cross. Only three schools in Canada have the club right now but it is very useful and great. Through the program I learned that the London youth have been subjected to terrible accounts of dramatic events. Many of these events have left the teens of London broken and feeling alone. I was chosen along the side of 4 other grade ten students and basically what we do is travel the around the city and go to struggling schools to teach them lessons on important topics like, empathy, date rape and violence, how to have good self image, and other super heavy topics. We teach students from grade 7 all the way up to grade 12 to build up and rejuvenate their school community to the way it should be. I have grown very passionate about resolving these problems and I hope that I could shine more light on them so that with the help of the LYAC we could bring an end to what is going on.

20170407_213526.pngName: Sarah Chun

Tell us a bit about yourself: 

Hello. My name is Sarah Chun and I am currently a high school student at London Central Secondary School. I am often described by my friends as a positive, hardworking overachiever who is always up for a challenge. My personal interests include playing the violin, reading, defending human rights, and binge-watching Netflix shows like Riverdale or Stranger Things. I also enjoy creating connections with new people, eating burrito bowls or Stobie’s pizza, and the occasional funny meme:)

Why do you want to be a Youth Councillor?

My personal motto is that to change the world, we must change one community at a time. As a youth councillor, I hope to represent the voices of the youth in my ward (Ward 13), and serve as a bridge to create connections between teens and local political leaders and change makers. I feel fortunate to be surrounded by a school community where I can hear the different opinions of my many peers wanting change in our Forest City. This is why I feel compelled to act as a leader (amongst my ward), to share our opinions and create effective and realistic improvements which are made by and for London’s youth community.

Name three community issues you find important:

1) Public Transportation: The main transportation method by youth in Ward 13, is the London Transit Bus service. Many of the bus schedule times are very inconvenient and unreliable for students (especially during the harsh winter months). To solve this issue, I would like to negotiate with London Transit to create additional or more frequent bus times during peak school times (Ex. 2:30 pm).

2) Mental Health: Although there are many new improvements and programs on the issue of Mental Health, I believe that there is still much that needs to be done to tackle this issue as a community. It disheartens me that only 20% of Canadian youth who need mental health services receive them, and that one of the leading causes of teen death in Canada is suicide. As Ward 13’s youth councillor, I would like to pair up with local MPs to create mental health campaigns to support mentally ill teens and help eliminate the stigma surrounding this issue.

3) Bike Routes: Many teens living in London, enjoy biking around the city during the warmer months of the year. Unfortunately, there are some hazardous road conditions for cyclists especially in London’s busy Downtown area. Also, many of my peers have noted that there seems to be inconsiderate citizens when it comes to sharing the road with the cyclists and that some bike paint lines are also faded or just not visible enough. I plan to voice these opinions of the teens of Ward 13, and create action based on these issues with local community leaders.

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Deana 2.jpgName: Deana Ruston

Tell us a bit about yourself: 

I have lived in London since September 2011- moving here to attend Western University and now call London home. I’ve made this city my place, my space & my home and aim to help make London a welcoming place for all. Upon moving to London I made it a priority to continue to be involved in my community- beginning both in Western’s campus community as well as in the broader city of London. I am passionate about youth involvement and think that youth are not only the future of tomorrow, but are the leaders of today.

Why do you want to be a Youth Councillor?

I want to be a youth councillor because the youth voice is needed in London. I want to continue to advocate for youth in the city and in ward 13. I have a passion for making the world a better place for all. I also have a strong interest in both London’s present and future as well as in municipal government and public affairs. I am passionate about youth involvement and engagement. Youth councillors are able to bring forward the unique issues youth and young adults face so that the wants and needs are addressed at the municipal level.

Identify three community issues you find important:

1) Affordable Housing: Affordable housing is desperately needed in the city of London and especially in ward 13. Affordable housing is defined as shelter costs at monetary amounts less than 30% of pre-tax household income. People need a safe and affordable housing as a basic necessity to life. Without safe, secure and reliable housing people’s basic needs are not met and they have difficulty fulfilling other aspects of their life.

2) Youth engagement: Youth of London, Ontario could benefit from being more engaged in community and municipal issues. Issues discussed and decisions made at city hall and in the community affect all living in the city- especially youth. It is important that youth are able to share their thoughts on civic matters and have someone to reach out to should they have a concern as well as have the chance to be a part of the decision making process.

3) Public Transit: Public transit is a vital facet of a strong large size city. London is in the top 10 of the biggest cities in Canada. To match this we need a rich public transit system. Conventional public transit and bus rapid transit are important pieces in London’s growth as a large city. The time is now for London’s growth and bus rapid transit and conventional transit will enhance this. London is the largest city in Canada without rapid transit.

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