Ward 11

Name: Mike Scafe

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Who am I? That’s a difficult question for even me to answer. I always thought that once you define yourself, you’re limiting yourself. I’m a lot of things, part-time musician, pizza maker, cool guy, sentient carbon-based lifeform and I’m studying computer science at Western as of next year. I’ve had a lot of interesting life experiences as of turning 20 last year and I’m excited to share them with the world.

Why do you want to be a Youth Councillor?
I want to be a Youth Councillor because I believe political spaces need to exist for young people. Society seems to be run by the old, with mass media and pop culture focusing on the young. There needs to be greater representation on all levels.
Identify three community issues you find important:

Issue #1: Rapid Transit in London: This is the kicker. London, Ontario has been a city that in my opinion has been too slow to innovate. I’ve taken interest in the current battle over Shift in London and I want to be an advocate for youth who want an upgrade in the transit system, not only for BRT (bus rapid transit) but also for increasing hours and service along certain routes.

Issue #2: Safe Injection Sites: I really want to work on changing social attitudes towards the marginalized in society and I feel London needs to step up and provide help for those who need it. Given the reduced costs in health care associated with having a safe injection site, this would be a smart investment. Despite some attitudes in the city, I fully support proposals to make these sites available and would like to see it come to London.

Issue #3: Community spaces for young people: I feel it is too easy to become isolated in today’s society. Young people often don’t have ways of coming together or being a part of a community. I would want to somehow crowdfund some local space where people could come and hang out, free of charge.

You can find Mike on:

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Name: Spencer Reid

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I’m passionate about politics, writing, and social justice! In my spare time I enjoy writing fiction, keeping up with current events, rock climbing, and spending time with friends and family.

Why do you want to be a Youth Councillor?

I love politics, and being a youth councillor would help me delve into my passion for it and find ways that I can better my community. I’ve also done other work with the LYAC in the Storytelling Department and would love to expand my work with this amazing organization.

Identify three community issues you find important:

1) London has a very high unemployment rate and has a lot of people in poverty, as well as homeless individuals. Growing up as a child or teen in poverty is tough, because I’ve often heard that it feels like you’re being ignored. I want to find a way to give more of a voice to London’s disadvantaged, especially youth; be that community involvement or events or just awareness.

2) Political education is another issue I’m passionate about. While some people my age are definitely very knowledgeable about politics, a lot of them aren’t. I feel that living as a citizen you have a duty to know about the political system you live in, as even one person can make a change. Teens often aren’t very interested in the political system because it doesn’t feel like it applies to them, and LYAC is definitely helping to change the perception of that.

3) I’m invested in community involvement and engagement. Ward 11 is a hugely diverse ward, encompassing Berkshire, Southcrest, Wortley, and Old South. And while each of those individual suburbs have their own specific issues, one issue that is shared by many is a lack of community engagement. There aren’t often many opportunities in specific suburbs for residents, and large funding roadblocks stand in the way of citizens trying to organize events themselves. As a councillor, I’d look for ways to engage City Hall about making community events much cheaper and easier for citizens to organize themselves.

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