Meet your 2017 Western-Rep!

Who does the Western Councillor represent? The LYAC Western Councillor represents Western students on the LYAC. Elections for this position are held at the same time as the USC’s spring elections. Anyone with a email address is eligible to vote. The term runs from May 2017 and ends April 2018.

rebeca sousa.jpgRebeca Sousa:

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Currently I am in my fourth year at King’s University College, an affiliate of Western University. I am doing an Honors Specialization in Childhood and Social Institutions, Certificate in Child Advocacy, and a Minor in Thanatology. Next year I will be finishing my degree. I have lived in the London Area all my life, seeing the grow and develop.

Why do you want to be the Western-LYAC Councillor?

I just learned about the work that the LYAC is doing this past semester, through a children’s advocacy course. It was in the that class I wrote a report about the how the work that the LYAC is doing very important, but there is difficulty getting the perspective of youth out there. By being a part of the LYAC I want to work towards having the voices of western students heard.

What are three political or community issues that you think are important?

1) Public TransitFor many students on campus public transit is the main form of transportation and a balance needs to be found on how to accommodate them as well as the rest of the population. I believe as development goes forward there should be more consultation with citizens. I understand that some consultation has occurred, it can be difficult learning who has been talked to though. I feel the citizens of London would appreciate knowing that their voices are being heard.

2) Mental HealthAs students come into university, some as young as 17 there is drastic changes and pressures put on to them. While the university has done quite a bit of work in acknowledging these issues the city needs to take action as well. There are many wonderful organizations in London that provide services that could be very beneficial. Advocating for further partnerships and advertisements I believe is necessary. This would be the time to foster further relationships as the university revises their procedures for dealing with mental health concerns.

3) Employment Many students who come to London don’t stay, as they see very little employment opportunity. I would be interested in doing research with students on what they would want in terms of opportunities. As well as organizations on what experience they expect from students post-graduation. to me it feels like there is some form of disconnect.

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