Role of a Youth Councillor

The London Youth Advisory Council (LYAC) exists to ensure that youth voices are integrated into local public policy decisions. We seek to reboot citizenship in London by encouraging youth to lead the charge against political apathy by playing a constructive role in the decision-making processes of the governments and institutions that influence our communities. The LYAC believes that the optimism, idealism and passion of youth can be leveraged to change the way that London addresses the challenges facing the future of our City. We believe that our governments and institutions can be a force for good in our communities if we live up to our responsibilities as citizens. LYAC Councillors demonstrate that there is hope for our political future and that youth voices are worth listening to as we consider public policy decisions that impact London’s future.

The role of an LYAC Councillor is part internship and part public representative. Councillors are provided with on the job training that builds on their existing skills to enable them to become model public representatives. LYAC Councillors represent London citizens aged 15-25 and amplify their voices to local politicians and civic leaders. Councillors work to integrate youth perspectives into important decisions about local issues by committing to community engagement, research, policy development and advocacy. A councillors’ term lasts from May to May.


  • ATTEND weekly working meetings with other Councillors.
  • ATTEND 1 community event per month.
  • CONNECT with 1 person in your ward each month about a council topic that interests you.
  • HOST 1 focus group of 5-7 people on a topic of interest each season (spring, summer, fall, winter).
  • READ research briefs to be discussed at each week’s meeting.
  • INVITE 1 young person each to 4 council meetings.
  • HOST 1 conversation amongst your peers at the LYAC about an issue on your platform.
  • CONNECT young people in your networks to opportunities that are presented to Council.
  • ATTEND a meeting with a community leader.
  • ATTEND conferences, policy conventions, community events & meetings with MPs, MPPs, City Councillors, City staff, etc.

Other Opportunities for the Super Politician that we can help you set up if you wish:

  • WRITE opinion pieces for media outlets
  • SPEAK to groups of youth to educate them about how to work within government systems.
  • CANVASS a portion of your Ward.
  • HOST community engagement event (town halls, policy roundtables, educational event, etc.)
  • MENTORSHIP relationship with City Councillors and/or City Staff.