The 2017-2018 LYAC Council

WARD 1: Shania Simon

1) Tell us a bit about yourself:

2) Why did you run to be a youth councillor?

3) What is your vision for Ward 1 and London?


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WARD 2: Emmanuel Akindele

1) Tell us a bit about yourself:

2) Why did you run to be a youth councillor?

3) What is your vision for Ward 2 and London?

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WARD 3: Nohra Yauhnis

1) Tell us a bit about yourself:

2) Why did you run to be a youth councillor?

3) What is your vision for Ward 3 and London?

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WARD 4: James Fletcher-Dean

1) Tell us a bit about yourself:
2) Why did you run to be a youth councillor?


3) What is your vision for Ward 4 and London?


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WARD 5: Lujane Al-Azem


1) Tell us a bit about yourself:


Hi, my name is Lujane Al-Azem. I am the ward 5 councilor the 2017-18 year and am in first year at Western University. I like to participate in as much initiatives as possible 
including the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, Model United Nations, and other events around London. My personal interests include photography, drawing, poetry writing, and knitting. I am so honored to be on the council this year because it is super important as youth to give back to our community and be involved in decision making regarding our city.
2) Why did you run to be a youth councillor?
I ran to be a youth councilor because I thought it was a great way to be involved. Although I try my hardest to integrate myself in different communities and learn about others- I still have tons of learning to do. This council is giving me so much opportunity to do that, to learn about the city, the law, and the politics of it all, and it has also helped me meet many inspiring young individuals. It is rejuvenating to meet with other youth who are passionate about change and improvement and is just overall an amazing environment to be in.

3) What is your vision for Ward 5 and London?

My vision for my ward is to improve the transit’s accessibility in different areas and my vision for London is to contribute to making it a better place. Although I have certain ideas which involve transit, child care and neglect, indigenous rights, and racism- as a councilor I am here for you. I am here to help OUR visions come to life, so please feel free to contact me and lets help create a better London.


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WARD 6: Eman Muzzammil

1) Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi, I’m Eman Muzzammil and I’m honoured and thrilled to serve as the Ward 6 Youth Councilor at the LYAC. I’m a grade 11 student at London Central Secondary School where I’m involved with clubs such as DECA, Reach For The Top, and Model UN. In my free time, you’ll find me reading economics books or binge-watching Suits. I’m also a fan of cats and K-pop.

2) Why did you run to be a youth councillor?

I ran to be a youth councilor to learn more about issues that London faces and offer solutions to those problems. LYAC is a great platform for youth to get their voices heard and I’m ecstatic to be surrounded by young people who also want to make a difference.

3) What is your vision for Ward 6 and London?

My vision for Ward 6 and the city as a whole is more accessible and affordable transportation, especially for high school students. I also want London to be a more inclusive community for immigrants and international students and help them get settled in this beautiful city.

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WARD 7: Areej Ansari



1) Tell us a bit about yourself:
My name is Areej Ansari, Councillor for Ward 7, I am going into twelfth grade at Oakridge Secondary School. I am someone who loves to explore all the different aspects that exist in the world! From the literary devices in creative writing, to the artistry seen in mathematics, as well as the captivating science behind the human brain to simply the way humans react. I adore many things such as gaming, cosmetics, politics (of course), and let’s not forget, cats!

2) Why did you run to be a youth councillor?

I wanted to be a youth councillor because I believe it is important to help serve and better our community here in London. Student organizations such as the Muslim Students’ Association of Oakridge and helping run our fundraising dinner to help Syrians and other initiatives such as Social Justice have taught me the value of community within our society and how important it is to be involved, in order to constantly help our city improve for the better. Now as Ward 7 Councillor, I will strive towards improving London in all necessary aspects.

3) What is your vision for Ward 7 and London?

During my term I am wanting to address three main issues within our community and one that is specifically set for Ward 7. The first of the many issues is poverty. As years are passing by, more and more people are being affected by poverty, which is a known fact because London is growing as a city constantly, and it is important to address this issue head on and move forward by planning to resolve and help improve the current situations. Most of these incidences where lower incomes are noticed are located in central London, and areas connected to it. Those in poverty feel vulnerable and limited to resources, as a result from their financial situation, and it is important that as a Councillor I can work with others in order to improve the current lifestyle for those in need.

To continue, another issue I would like to face head on is the Syrian Refugee Crisis. With Canada being one of the few countries who actually have accepted those fleeing from war, it is important to help serve and better the environment for all those who are new to Canada. There is no better way to help than by starting locally. Many families who have fled are in need of support, and as a youth Councillor I think it is very possible take this issue head on and give assistance financially, in order to help the refugees adjust to the environment in London. It is a given that the London community can invest more time into helping those who are in need.

Finally, the issue that I am most passionate and is not spoken about as much as it should be in Ward 7 is mental health awareness in the youth. Over the years, technology has taken over, with both positive and negative implications, however it is our duty to help minimize the negativity that comes along with it. Twenty percent of the youth between the ages of 12 to 19 face depression and during this time period, the chances of suicide increases by twenty times. It is important for everyone to be aware of the power of mental health issues, in order to help end the stigma, and to help everyone in the community have easier access to resources. I would like to challenge this issue by holding events to promote being open with realities humans face and how to cope and receive help if needed.


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profile-shehaam.jpgWard 8: Shehaam Makhdoom

1) Tell us a bit about yourself:
I am a Grade 12 student at Oakridge Secondary School. I am recognized as a motivated, hardworking, and compassionate individual by my peers and mentors. One of my notable qualities is that when I embark on a task, I am dedicated to complete it with quality and precision.
My favourite pass-time is baking; my passion has led me to successfully run a small baking business. I am an animal lover with two cats, and I pride myself as being an advocate for animal rights. Also, as a humanitarian, one of my dreams is to travel the world, to gain first-hand experience of its diverse and vibrant cultures, and to learn about the regions which are in need of support and improvement.

2) Why did you run to be a youth councillor?

I ran to be a youth councilor for several reasons. The first is that I love to interact with my fellow citizens within the community. I have found that it is an interesting and impactful experience to learn about all the different perspectives and walks of life that exist within London. Secondly, I wanted to take advantage of this platform as I knew it would allow me to serve and give back to the community that I care for so dearly. Finally, I was also interested in this position because Canada is a country full of diverse cultures, which makes it all the more important to recognize and learn about our unique characteristics and values and how they can be utilized in improving the quality of lives in Canada and worldwide.

3) What is your vision for Ward 8 and London?

I want to see more youth getting involved, and to show them the true power that they possess in bringing a change. I have noticed that many of my peers feel as though they are not heard. I am determined to use my position as a youth councilor to show that by coming forward and putting in a sincere effort, change is indeed possible, and anything can be achieved with the proper mindset.

In terms of London as a whole, I would like to take action against drug abuse and help individuals who are affected by it. A major component of my agenda is to highlight the issue of drug abuse in London. An environmental scan has shown that there is dire need for supervised injection facilities, especially in the downtown area. There is a high concentration of drug users who can benefit from a safer environment to help them during the course of this illness and treatment process. I believe that the introduction of supervised injection facilities will be of great benefit to the city of London and its constituents.


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WARD 9: Ahmad Zyoud 

1) Tell us a bit about yourself:


2) Why did you run to be a youth councillor?

3) What is your vision for Ward 9 and London?

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WARD 10: Zac Piette

1) Tell us a bit about yourself:

2) Why did you run to be a youth councillor?

3) What is your vision for Ward 10 and London?

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 WARD 11: Spencer Reidprofile-spencer

1) Tell us a bit about yourself:

My name’s Spencer and I’m the LYAC’s new Ward 11 councillor! I’m a fifteen-year-old trans boy, and I’ve been homeschooled my entire life but will be attending H.B. Beal in the fall for Grade 10. In my free time I enjoy rock climbing, reading and writing poetry and fiction, watching movies and TV (my favourite is either The Office or The Walking Dead) and playing with my dog.

2) Why did you run to be a youth councillor?

I’ve been involved with the LYAC since the summer of 2016, where I worked in the LYAC’s Storytelling Department. I’d been drawn to the organization because it involved youth in politics, which often seemed like something people my age weren’t able to get involved in. 2017 was the year I finally became eligible to run for councillor, and I ran because I wanted to make a difference in London and show others that young people can be educated about and engaged in politics.

3) What is your vision for Ward 11 and London?

I’d like to see London as a city with informed citizens who are engaged in their community, and a far lower poverty and homelessness rate.

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profile-raghad.jpgWARD 12: Raghad Elniwairi 

1) Tell us a bit about yourself:

My name is Raghad Elniwairi and I am currently a Westminster Secondary School student. I consider myself a movie and TV show critic in-the-making. I live for sitcoms like Community, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and for films like The Lion King and The Big Short. I have been an avid bookworm for quite a few years. I am intensely passionate about making, and eating all food from scallops to fresh mangos and pineapples.

Over the years, I  have collected various different attributes that I aspire to have from several wonderful role models like Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, Muhammed Ali, David Suzuki, Amandla Stenberg and many more. From all these people, I have learned so much about wisdom, love, compassion, patience and positivity. But, had it not been for an inspiring fifth grade teacher and my amazing parents, I would not be as vehement about social justice and development as I am now.

2) Why did you run to be a youth councillor?

Before March, the only experience I had had with the LYAC is through a focus group I was involved in, in November. But I am thankful that I had some amazing friends who encouraged me to apply for the role of an LYAC councillor. After doing my own research on what the London Youth Advisory Council was, I had decided that this was my first chance at being in a place where I had some of the resources I needed to really execute the positive change I wanted made in my community. This opportunity has since made me grateful for my application because I have already learned that there is so much more I could do to really help out in my community than I thought.

3) What is your vision for Ward 12 and London? 

My vision for Ward 12 and for London is to see London overall, become a much cleaner, vibrant, and opportunistic place to live for everyone. I have lived in London, and in Ward 12, for the past ten years of my life and I have loved it for all the playful screams from children that I hear everyday, and for all the music I hear constantly playing downtown. But, I know that there can always be positive change and some changes that I am hoping will happen, is an improvement of our environmental health, in our liveliness, and an advancement in our opportunities especially for youth in the city.

I am aware that am a citizen of what was once known as the “Forest City”. I personally have noticed a major decline in our tree population and in the state of our parks and Thames River. I hope to see that changed whether it be by me or any other person or group of people.

I have heard from many leaving London that a popular opinion is that London is a boring city with not much going on and barely any educational and career opportunities for youth. Many leave because they find a better chance at gaining educational advancements and their chosen career in other, “busier” cities. I would like to help in any way possible to change that because if there is anything I would want to see in London, it’s the creativity, vibrancy and job and schooling openings to increase to make London more accommodating place to live for us all.

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WARD 13: Sarah Chunprofile-sarah.jpg

1) Tell us a bit about yourself:  
Hello! My name is Sarah Chun and I’m going into Gr. 10 at London Central Secondary School this fall of 2017. My personal hobbies include playing the violin in London Youth Symphony, competing in DECA business competitions, and leading our school’s Environmental Club! My personal mantra is ‘Reach for the Moon and even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars’. 
2) Why did you run to be a youth councillor?
I decided to run to be a youth councilor because I wanted lead the change for the youth community living in London.

3) What is your vision for Ward 13 and London?

I believe that London’s youth have a strong passion for issues such as mental health, public transportation, and poverty and my role would be to help address local politicians about possible solutions involving the youth’s opinion. As for Ward 13, I have already met our lovely city councilor Tanya Park who supported my thoughts and ideas!


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profile-annie.jpgWARD 14: Annie Cho

1) Tell us a bit about yourself:

My name is Annie Cho, and I am the representative of Ward 14. I am a Grade 12 student at Oakridge Secondary School. I am a passionate and determined worker, and my dream is to make a positive impact on London by changing the city for the better. I am an active reader and TV/film lover. In addition, I enjoy travelling as I have moved around quite a bit in my life. Some of my favorite places to visit include Melbourne and Thailand. I like experiencing new cultures and trying out new activities. I am always ready for a challenge!

2) Why did you run to be a youth councillor?

I have always dreamt of making great change in the world. Although I might not be able to change the world in a large scale, I still hope to make great impact in London. I believe the LYAC is a great program for me to voice my powerful opinions and ideas on how to make London a greater and better city. I hope to take this opportunity as a youth counselor in order to be the voice of our youth culture and help make positive change.

3) What is your vision for Ward 14 and London?

My vision for my ward and London is to help people voice their true and sincere opinions based on our city. I would like to get in touch with many youths and encourage them to take on leadership roles for themselves so that London can become a community of positive change. I would like to expand the youth culture and ensure that their voices are heard. There are many problems that are circulating in this city that people would like to attend to, and I hope to help alleviate such problems. These problems include poverty, unemployment, education, mental health, transportation, and much more. I hope that my role as the Ward 14 Councilor will help making long-term changes to the city of London.

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Western Rep: Hanna Kimprofile-hanna.jpg

1) Tell us a bit about yourself:  

Hi, my name is Hanna Kim and I am the ward 13 councillor this year! I am currently going into my third year of Health Science at Western University. I love musical theatre and if I were to ever make it to broadway, I’d love to play opposite the phantom as Christine in the Phantom of the Opera.

2) Why did you run to be a youth councillor?

I ran to be youth councillor this year because I wanted to become more involved in the London community – outside of the “western bubble”. I am passionate about mental health and racism, and I wanted to use the LYAC as a platform from which my message could be heard more accessibly.

3) What is your vision for Ward 12 and London? 

I hope to encourage the students at Western University to become more conscientious and caring members of society. In other words, I hope that I can empower young people to actively participate in making a change in their own communities.

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