London’s “Smart City” Strategy

LYAC Research Brief

Smart City Strategy – The London Plan

Researcher: Ellen Altpeter


What is a “Smart City Strategy?

A Smart City Strategy is a plan to use new forms of information and communications technology

to promote economic development, civic innovation, the sharing of data, and a high quality of

Life. The hope is to make the city better for its citizens, making the more functional, innovative, and competitive. Smart cities promote innovation and data sharing to help improve a city’s economy, mobility, environment, citizenship, quality of life, and city governance. Smart City infrastructure will also assist in improved decision making through more advanced analytics of data.


Why is making cities “smart” important?

By making cities “smart” we can keep cities up-to-date and functioning in line with today’s society.  Creating a smart city also addresses the growing demand for a more efficient, sustainable, and livable model of urban development.


It also provides a direction for cities to address global issues such as increased urbanization, global warming and climate change, continued growth in traffic congestion, and socio-demographic hanges in a local context.


How will it help London?

  • Establishing a clear strategy for collaboration, facilitation, investment, infrastructure advancement, skill development, etc.
  • Encouraging and recognizing the rapidly changing technology of our society today, and making the city able to handle it.
  • Becoming a smart city will help London keep up with other cities that are adopting similar smart city techniques, thereby helping bolster London’s economy and its desirability to new companies and people.
  • Digitally enabled services could to give residents and businesses better access to information and options for how they use the city.
  • Citizens and businesses may use mechanisms included in the strategy to give feedback and report on city infrastructure and services.
  • The strategy may allow for partnerships with other areas in the region, and the creation of a “Regional Digital Development Strategy”.


How to make London  a smart city

  • The installation of ICT infrastructure, and the delivery of associated software, coordinated with other civic infrastructure and municipal projects. Measures should be taken to establish a fully networked city infrastructure over time.
  • Allowing for regular monitoring, assessing and updating.
  • To support the City Structure Plan, and to support research and development, innovation and business development, the most robust technological infrastructure, such as access for the public to wi-fi, should be offered in the main hubs of London, such as Downtown, near the college and university and hospitals, etc.
  • Cell towers and satellite infrastructure should be designed to be integrated into any new building projects, without taking away from the look or design quality.



The London Plan