LYAC Research Briefs, Reports & Government Submissions

Here is where you can find all the research briefs, reports and government submissions from this year’s council, as well as previous years. 

  • LYAC Research Briefs – Our research briefs are prepared by our volunteer research team. They are short, 1-2 page reports, each on a different topic. These briefs are provided to the councillor before our council meeting, to provide some information on the topic, and how it relates to London/Canada.
  • LYAC Council Discussion Reports – Our reports are prepared by our volunteer report writing team. They are informal, conversational style accounts of the conversation had during our council meetings. These aren’t your ordinary meeting minutes, rather our reports focus on the different perspectives of the youth councillor, and capturing personal stories on the topic at hand.
  • LYAC Government Submissions – These reports are prepared by LYAC staff, with the LYAC Councillors. These submissions are all documents that the LYAC has written to advocate on certain issues, that have been sent to different levels of government, politicians and community members.