Meet the Report Writer Team

Our volunteer report writers have the very important task of documenting the conversations during our weekly council meetings. Our reports don’t look like the typical meeting minutes report. We refer to our reports as “Polistories,” because they are part policy paper, part story. Our reports reflect the different perspectives of the councillors, body language, and the personal reflection of the report writer. To find out more about what we talk about in meetings, you can read our reports here. In addition to documenting our council meetings, report writers also attend community focus groups with councillors, to help record the various conversations held across the city.


Head Report Writer: 

Nanditha Iyer

1) Tell us a bit about yourself:

Hey! I’m a second year student enrolled in the Health Sciences program at Western University. Writing, reading, and literature-analysis are some of my strongest passions. When I’m not hitting the books and studying at Weldon library, I enjoy watching movies, dancing, and trying new cuisines with my family and friends!

2) What is it about the LYAC that made you want to be involved?

I moved to London last year to begin my post-secondary education. Being born and raised in Mississauga, I had never known another place to call home. I was extremely nervous to leave my city and live in a completely new and unfamiliar environment. As the year progressed, I began to fall in love with London. The university atmosphere, paired with the quaintness of Victoria park, and fantastic restaurants made my transition rather easy. By the end of my first year, I was able to confidently call London my second home – which is precisely why I wanted to join LYAC. I joined LYAC so I could meet other youth who care about London, learn about important issues regarding community-life and contribute back to the city that is making my university experience a great one so far!

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Report Writer: Sara Pac

1) Tell us a bit about yourself:

My name is Sara Pac and I am a recent graduate of London Central Secondary school. I have been a proud Londoner for eight years- and counting! I grew up in Southern Ontario but I was born in Europe and immigrated to Canada when I was six with my immediate family. I decided to remain here in the forest city to study at the University of Western Ontario because not only do I adore our charming city but I fell in love with the campus, its students and educational structure. Three activities I always long to do are reading, painting and travelling. I am most definitely a self-proclaimed “foodie” as I love sushi and especially restaurants that offer the avocado-and-crab type. Currently I am looking forward to working in the healthcare field in regards to my potential future profession due to my love for people as well as animals.

2) What is it about the LYAC that made you want to be involved?

Initially, I heard about the London Youth Advisory Council because Nicole Worozbyt,  a friend of mine and classmate, was involved as Ward 4’s Youth Councillor. I remember when she had set up her own Facebook Page with a description under a professional photograph titled “politician” and I thought to myself, “Wow, she is succeeding in caring deeply for our city so much so that she is working to make it a better place to not only live but creating an environment for all of us to grow” or something along those lines.

After taking a look through the posts on her official page which referenced ‘Movie Nights’ in the summer for children and their parents among several other clever ideas for bringing London communities in unity, I sent her a quick message. I think Nicole was as shocked as I had been at my instant urge to do something, to help in some small way, but luckily she kindly gave me a topic she needed to be researched and I conducted some of that research for her.

Before that moment in my life, I never thought of young adults such as myself as ‘politicians’ because the only ‘politicians’ I knew of were all a few years past middle aged and stood at a podium concentrating greatly in front of cameras at a debate, careful not to utter the wrong words at the wrong time. Nicole would post on social media about canvassing around town and uploaded photos of her meetings conversing of local issues in small groups with local citizens, some of who were influential or aspiring to be so.

This was precisely what made me want to be involved with the LYAC, the realization that young people have their own opinions, as all age demographics do, and that they should have their prerogative and platform to share their ideas with one another and with the world. It was also that age is just a number and what we should be really looking for in our leaders around the world is personality traits like compassion, curiosity, empathy, and enthusiasm for their municipalities whether that makes itself present at 18 or 56 all only lies in the nature of the individual and the London Youth Advisory Council allows for the young adults in the city to explore and act on these characteristics. I have been so extremely fortunate to be given a position as a report writer for the LYAC where I gladly share the marvellous and intelligent inputs of a talented and inspiring Youth Council with the rest of London.

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Report Writer: Suganya Suriyakumaran

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